Acknowledging RCC-IUB in National Media


A term acting tremendously hideous and intolerable for us, the Riverine People who works for the conservation of our precious rivers as our lives are largely dependent upon these water bodies; being a river-irrigated country. Day by day with the population of our country escalating such quickly, rivers are one of the prior victims of environmental pollution caused via increased anthropogenic activities.
To stand against this phenomenon, The River Conservation Club (RCC) of SESM, IUB is working with various technical projects to save our rivers and other non-technical projects too focusing the development of youth.
RCC's President Tanzila Ahmed was featured basing this World Environment Day in an article where the work of IUB's Riverine people got an exposure along with other Riverine teams, bringing out their activities to stop the river pollution and also putting RCC in the limelight.
RCC is truly honored for this publication which surely will work as an inspiration for the youths to come forward and further save the rivers from the hand of pollution via joining and helping us the Riverine people.
Special thanks, to the crew who is behind this ample success and much more to go.
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