IUB Hosts Webinar on Pandemic, Professor, & Pedagogy: Midsummer’s Peculiar Party!!


Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB’s) Center for Pedagogy (CfP) hosted a webinar, entitled “Pandemic, Professors, & Pedagogy: Midsummer’s Peculiar Party!!,” on 31 July 2021, showcasing its first-ever research manuscript (Pandemic Impacts, Reprogrammed Platforms & Intellectual Progress: Pendulating pedagogy?). There were insights from a number of countries and a Bangladesh-wide survey, online education transitions during the Covid-19 pandemic, secular pedagogical obsolescence, rural and oceanic neglect in education, neuron knowledge relevance, and the growing distress in imparting English as a second-language.
Dr. Shanawez Hossain, Assistant Professor, Global Studies & Governance (GSG) Program, IUB, superbly moderated the webinar by first welcoming guests, overviewing the session, then surveying possible book chapters in chronological order. Professor Dr Imtiaz A Hussain, Director, Center for Pedagogy (CfP) and Head, Global Studies & Governance (GSG) Program, IUB, laid the ground from the “Introductory” chapter by making glocalication the hypothesis to be tested, after first elaborating its two origins: globalization and localization, and in his “Conclusion” indicated IUB’s glocalization being effectively structured. IUB Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Niaz Ahmed Khan attended the conference as the Chief Guest, and Dr. Taiabur Rahman, Dean of School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS), effectively overviewed the presentations, offering his sagacious tips from working in public/private universities. Questions and floor comments from other academics, bankers, and students fetched top IUB-level responses, extended the 90-minute session another hour for a thoroughly eye-opening and praiseworthy event.