IUB debater Ahmad Tousif Jami participates in Virtual Student Leaders’ Convention 2021


International Islamic University Malaysia, together with UNESCO, the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia and the Bait Al-Amanah, in partnership with IIUM Student Union and the PPI IIUM, hosted a virtual student leaders’ convention as part of the International Conference on Student Development in Higher Education (ICSDHE) 2021.
In this large global conference, student leaders from universities across the world gathered to discuss and share issues related to leadership, development and activism in higher education. In addition, the conference hosted a dedicated “Youth Leaders Presidential Debate” segment on December 4, 2021.
Ahmad Tousif Jami from Independent University Debating Club (IUBDC) was one of the eight global leaders invited to speak in the debate segment. The other seven were from the UK, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
The topic of the 1st Presidential Debate was “This House Would Subsidize and Encourage the Admission to STEM Courses at the Expense of Art Programs.” Jami spoke against the topic, and his partner was Maeca Czarina from the Philippines. The speakers in favour of the topic were Danesh Aggarwal from Malaysia and Teo En Qi from Singapore.