IUB Sustainability Report 2021


The Sustainability Report 2021 of Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) endeavors to look back at the past year and take stock of sustainability initiatives successfully undertaken by the University in that time. It was an exercise in exploration, reflection, troubleshooting and learning, and we are glad that with every new sustainability initiative mentioned herein, IUB is maturing and deepening as an institution.

This report is intended to present sustainability performance of IUB to the stakeholders, including students, academic and administrative personnel, trustees, government functionaries, the industry and local and international communities.

The report is structured in three themes: the first part summarizes and aligns the vision, mission and goals of the University within the scope of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The second part presents the sustainability assessment results through a visual aid. Finally, the third theme is reporting on SDG goal- wise major events and impacts, which are presented under seventeen headings.

This report is prepared from secondary information sources published by the University in print and electronic forms.

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