IUB top-ranked among private universities in Bangladesh by AD Scientific Index 2023


Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) has been ranked 1st among private universities in Bangladesh by the AD Scientific Index 2023. IUB also ranked 2nd among all private institutions - with ICDDR,B in the lead - and 4th among all institutions in Bangladesh.

The AD Scientific Index analyzes the individual performance and productivity of the affiliated scientists of an institution. Institutions are categorized based on the relevance and quality of their research work over a 5-year period, solely on Google Scholar.

IUB congratulates all its researchers, especially Prof. Dr. Shah M Faruque, Prof. Dr. Rita Yusuf, Dr. Mustafa Habib Chowdhury, late Dr. Rashed Noor and Dr. Ferdows Zahid for their exemplary achievements.

Conveying his felicitations to the researchers and faculty at IUB who were recognised, Vice Chancellor Tanweer Hasan, PhD, said, “I congratulate each one of the 99 ranked scientists whose research has put IUB on the map as a distinguished higher education institution. Your hard work and dedication to your disciplines has earned IUB this unique distinction and repute. I hope each of you will continue to inspire others to achieve success. My deep respect for Prof. Dr. Shah M Faruque for his distinguished and prolific career. IUB remains committed to expand its scope of academic research and create more opportunities for young minds, by allocating greater resources and support towards institutional research in future.”