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IUB EEE graduate starts MS with Teaching Assistantship. at Idaho State University.


Tazwar Muttaqi, graduate of EEE, SECS started his Master's in Electrical Engg.(Thesis Track) at Idaho State University on Aug 22, 2016. He is awarded and funded as a Graduate Proctor and Teaching Assistant.
At IUB, he had presented a research paper at an international conference. Tazwar took the GRE and IELTS in his second-last semester at IUB, with a preparation of about 6 months.
Tazwar says that searching and researching for the proper university according to his profile was the key factor. He had contacted professors for funding early in his search, .The Letter of recommendation and Statement of purposeā€ were important for his application. He expresses gratitude to his IUB professors for their recommendation letters and general support.