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EEE Student's Research Published in a High Impact Journal


Sajib Chakraborty, a recent EEE graduate, published a research paper on ELSEVIER's Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews whose 5-year impact factor is 7.896. The paper title was "Transformer-Less Single-Phase Grid-Tie Photovoltaic Inverter Topologies for Residential Application with Various Filter Circuits". The research was supervised by Dr. M. Abdur Razzak, the Head of Electrical and Electronic Engineering department. A total of six inverter topologies are presented in this research paper. The complete design of proposed inverters are provided and their performances are evaluated and compared with the presently available conventional inverters. Sajib Chakraborty completed his Bachelor degree in EEE from IUB in 2013 and he also completed his MSc in EEE from IUB in Autumn 2016.
The journal can be accessed online at or by mailing to