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Social Science in the 21st Century: Survival Strategy for Human Kind Addressing IR 4.0


18.07.2019 09:00am - 18.07.2019 05:00pm


Independent University (IUB) campus, Bashundhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh




Scientific achievement in data driven technologies are now a major force in human existence. The 21st century is witnessing the fourth wave of industrial revolution. In the IR 4.0, the core concern is to create autonomous decision making of cyber physical system via cloud technology. Such scientific involvements are the indicators of modernity, development and progress. Every nation-state is taking initiative on integrating automated devices in every sphere of life. These sorts of artificial intelligence are being quite popular in practical tasks. To some extent the crisis now-a-day is to understand if such involvements of artificial intelligence in daily activity are giving less scope to be interactive with human contact? In this IR 4.0 version it is not less important to acculturate the technological development, nevertheless, at the same time it is also important to look after how human are addressing their existence and survival strategy.
Artificial Intelligence might replace human labor with automated services; however, it has been a debate of this 21st century is that how creativity endeavors, social interaction and physical dexterity and mobility can be replaced with data informed technology. Recently, researches are showing that depression, chaos and mental break down are some major outcome of individualist technology centered lifestyle. Recently the world has witnessed that in a community people are hiring sisters to help those people who are alienated from the society as a byproduct of modernism. Such events help us to realize that it is high time we reclaim the importance of social science and humanities to address such issues; we talk about the importance of social interaction in our life so that the society and distinct culture cherish humanity.
Existing dilemma on identity and existence drives us to look deeper into the social and cultural practices which go parallel with artificial intelligence. It is high time that social scientists address these contemporary issues and spread the flavor of mankind. Therefore, Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, IUB calls for papers from a particular discipline and/or from a multi-disciplinary angle addressing topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Identity and existential crisis
  • Cyborg society
  • Technology, Society and Culture
  • Phenomenology
  • Waves of industrial revolution and cultural changes
  • Regional technological modernity and Humanities
  • Artificial intelligence and the future.
  • Challenges of social sciences surviving AI in the context of Bangladesh
This is only a suggested list of topics. Paper abstracts on any other relevant area are also welcome. This is worthwhile to mention that this is a bilingual conference (Bengali and English).
Abstract Submission Please submit paper abstracts of 300-500 words along with a short biography of 100 words. Abstracts should be written in English or Bengali. The deadline for submission of abstracts is July 02, 2019. Email submissions to: ssh@iub.edu.bd; Cc: ibtesumafrin@iub.edu.bd . Abstracts should be written in Calibri/SuttonyMJ, in MS Word doc/docx format.
Decisions on acceptance of presentations will be communicated to applicants no later than July 07, 2019. The deadline for submission of full papers (optional) is July 14, 2019. Accepted papers will be published in a conference proceeding.
Important Dates
  • Submission of Abstract Deadline – July 02, 2019
  • Notification of Abstract Acceptance – July 07, 2019
  • Submission of full paper Due (optional) – July 14, 2019
  • Conference dates – July 18, 2019
Registration Procedure
All presenters have to register prior to the conference. The procedure is given below:
Deadline of Registration: July 14, 2019 (Payment through bkash is required)
Registration Fee for Professionals (Local): BDT 1,000
Registration Fee for Students (Local): BDT 500 (ID is required)
Registration Fee for Professional (International): USD 50 (accommodation and travel cost will not be provided)
Registration Fee for Students (International): USD 30 (accommodation and travel cost will not be provided)

All local presenters or listeners are supposed to register by July 14, 2019 by paying the respective amount through bkash to 01617009228. Senders are requested to put their name in the reference or send an email with the transaction ID. All registered participants will be entitled to the meals and conference kits.
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