Independent University, Bangladesh



IUB-SBCC presents HYD MUN 2019


19.09.2019 09:00am - 21.09.2019 05:00pm


Independent University, Bangladesh


SB Event


IUB School of Business Communication Club is proudly presenting "IUB-SBCC Presents HYD MUN 2019" in IUB Campus, Dhaka.
This is a Grand International Conference of 1000 Participants from various prestigious Schools, Colleges and Universities of Bangladesh and International participants from more than 5 Countries. This conference is a monumental step in the revolution of the MUN circuit in Bangladesh.
It is a 3-day student conference where participants will assume roles of country representatives (delegates) in committees simulated with the exact Rules of Procedures as followed in the United Nations. At the end of every day’s committee sessions, there will be blockbuster cultural performances which is a showdown of the delegates’ talents aside from their diplomatic skills.