Independent University, Bangladesh



Professor for a day


18.11.2021 11:00am - 18.11.2021 01:02pm




SBE Event


Purpose: The purpose of this program is to learn different aspects of life from those people who won their endeavors, to know what made them choose their career path & their incredible tactics of facing obstacles. It's all about their own adventurous stories, about the pros & cons of their profession, from where students will know about different career paths so that they can decide their life from a well-informed place.
Goal: To make IUB students resilient, Dreamer, & Doer who knows the path! To awake the latent talents of IUB, who will one day make IUB proud.
Differentiators: What makes this program stands out is, it won’t be a motivational speech; it will be like a mentorship session, where the Mentor will show paths and take care of inquiries.

Speaker for the Inaugural Session: Professor Niaz Ahmed Khan, Ph.D.
Pro-Vice Chancellor
Independent University, Bangladesh