International Programs and Relations

The Office of International Programs and Relations (IPR) is a department within the Office of the Vice Chancellor, Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). This Office exists to offer students a complete university experience, through the internationalisation of the curriculum, as well as bringing international presence on campus and supporting the study abroad of IUB students.
IPR is primarily responsible for IUB's participation in the global higher education rankings, facilitating student and faculty exchange programs with foreign institutions, and establishing research partnerships and collaboration with foreign institutions. IPR is the first contact point for all international concerns of the university and its students.
I. Higher Education Rankings: At this time, IUB participates in five different higher education rankings, including THE and QS. All information to be provided to the ranking authorities must be collected from or channelled through the Office of IPR.
II. International Relations: IPR coordinates and backstops the international collaborations of IUB. It provides support in creating and maintaining global connections. IPR also collaborates with relevant national entities in Bangladesh, related to education, research and project development.
III. Support for International Activities: IPR acts as liaison to Schools, Departments, individual faculty and/or students in all international activities. IPR works closely with the Admissions and Financial Aid Office and assists Schools and Departments in recruiting international students. It helps international students by offering advice, guidance, and counselling.
IV. Policies and Guidelines: IPR related policies and guidelines are given below:
1. International Student Policy
2. International Students and Scholars Recruitment Strategy
We are in the DMK Building. Please stop by with your ideas, suggestions and questions so that we can help you better!

Farheen Khan
Office of International Programs and Relations
Room Number – 3007, DMK Building
Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)
Phone: +88028431645 (Ext. 3701), +88028432065(Ext. 3701)