iub Independent University, Bangladesh

Financial Aid/Scholarship

  • Financial Incentive on entry 100% (Tuition Fee Waiver)

    • Top five percent scorers in IUB admission test will receive full tuition fees waiver (50% to 100%).

    • 7'A's in O-Level exams (one sitting) and 3' A's in A-Level (one sitting)

    • GPA 5.00 in both SSC and HSC (excluding 4th Subject)

  • Note:
    • The Financial aid for the above categories will be reviewed after two semesters.

  • Financial Assistance

    • Discount on tuition fees based on performance and financial need

    • 50% financial discount for siblings and spouse

    • Campus job and others financial assistances

  • Please Note for all Categories:
    • The scholarship will be reviewed/reassessed each semester based on the CGPA of previous of the latest semester’s result (for example, the applicant of Autumn’17 semester will be assessed based on the result of Spring’17 semester).
    • 12 credit hours are mandatory for receiving any kind of tuition fees waiver.
    • Students who get waiver in ‘Special Case for Two Semester’ category have to apply again after two semesters to continue the waiver.

  • Financial Aid Discount Slab for Merit Category

    3.26 – 3.50 20%

    3.51 – 3.69 30%

    3.70 – 3.79 50%

    3.80 – 3.84 75%

    3.85 – 4.00 100%