Master’s Programs RoadShow at IUB


An Open Day RoadShow for 15 Master’s programs was held at IUB on 20 May, 2023. Potential students and representatives from 5 different industries explored the benefits of doing Master’s programs at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). The Master’s programs are being viewed as a bridge to research and higher management positions supporting management development efforts. The workshop “Critical Thinking for Developing a Career” was attended with interest. The event has created a buzz with multiple enquiries pouring in after the event.

The Deans of the five schools of IUB Professor Dr. Shah M Faruque, Dean of SELS, Professor Dr. Bokhtiar Ahmed, Dean of SLASS, Professor Dr. J.M.A Hannan, Dean of SPPH, Dr. Mahady Hasan (Dean Interim), SETS and Dr. Rezwanul Alam, Dean (In-Charge) of SBE presented the benefits of their Masters degrees. The incoming Dean of SETS Prof Dr Md. Mamun Bin Ibne Reaz spoke about how students can do industry based projects for their Master’s degree to build their experience portfolio. Many faculty members alongside the Graduate Program Coordinators from each school were present at the event. At the beginning of the event, Director, GSRIR Professor Dr. Yusuf Mahbubul Islam, welcomed and thanked all the participants who were present at the event and talked about the importance of acquiring soft skills and how these skills can be developed in graduating students. He also highlighted the opportunities where both Industry and academia can work together to produce competent graduates to serve industry better.

Industry experts from Rahimafrooz, Walton Group, Prothom Alo and IT sectors who attended the event as Head of HR and compliance and later they joined the discussion session with the Director of GSRIR to find out such a way of manpower development.

The Office of Graduate Studies, Research and Industry Relations (GSRIR) is a new initiative of the Vice Chancellor, Professor Tanweer Hasan. The program was organized by GSRIR together with the five schools SLASS, SETS, SELS, SPPH and SBE. The master of ceremonies was Dr Mustafa Habib Chowdhury, Graduate Program Coordinator, SETS.