To overcome the power crisis in Bangladesh, the only optimum solution is to harvest energy from green resources. In order to explore the available renewable energies and create awareness among the next generation about the natural resources in Bangladesh, the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of IUB has developed a Green Energy Research Center. The purpose of this center is to conduct research and develop innovative and energy efficient technologies and also provide knowledge and innovations to integrate sustainable energy systems at all scales.

Conventional fossil fuel based energy sources are responsible for green house gas emission and environmental pollution. Old inefficient technology used in the industry and domestic appliances causes the excessive energy consumption that ultimately increases pressure on the national grid. Experts believe that the use of renewable energy sources accompanied by the energy efficient technologies would ensure sustainable energy supply in the future. The objectives of the Green Energy Research Center of IUB is to address the above issues by giving priority of Bangladesh perspectives.

The faculty members, graduate students and senior undergraduate students are actively involved in conducting research in this area. The center provides well equipped laboratory facilities and logistic supports for research, field level experiments and data collections. Over the last few years, many graduate and undergraduate students had taken their thesis and senior projects related to renewable energy and technologies. The center already developed following technologies related to solar photovoltaic (PV) applications:
(1) Grid connected solar Inverter
(2) Solar irrigation pump controller
(3) MPPT charge controller
(4) Energy Efficient Variable Frequency Drive
(5) Solar-power lighting system in fishing trawler

At present the center has experimental facilities related to solar PV systems, however, in future the facilities could be extended to other renewable energy sources such as; wind, biogas, biomass and ocean wave etc.

Industrial collaboration: In this field, some of the research output has immediate applications; therefore, the local industries are very much interested to work with this center. An MOU (memorandum of understanding) has already been signed with Energypac Electronics Ltd., a renowned local company working with solar energy. The center is also working with Rahimafrooz to solve the technical problems regarding battery charging.

Project Competition: The center organizes project competitions among different universities of the country to encourage young researchers to innovate new ideas to solve energy related problems. The center provides a platform to showcase their projects and ideas to others.

Seminar and workshops: The center organizes workshops and seminar by bringing industry experts and renowned researchers to share their views on related latest research activities and applications elsewhere in the world.